First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama, Patti Labelle, Earth Wind and Fire, John Legend, Bary Manilow, and the First Lady of Russia just to name a few who the sensational group PRIM3 has performed for.  This dynamic trio of two females and one male has had the opportunity to be key performers in their performing arts school Duke Ellington’s phenomenal Show Choir located in Washington, DC.  There they studied in the vocal department and were classically trained as singers and is where they met each other remaining close friends.  All three are capable of singing any genre of music.  One of their major accomplishments while attending Duke Ellington was to be involved in a five-city tour of France and Monaco for two weeks which includes performing for a French Prince, an opera, and performed at the Cognac Jazz and Paris music festival.  During their visit they taught local children how to perform and sing.  This was important to them because they all have been singing and performing since they were small children.


After graduating from Duke Ellington, all three went to college to continue to pursue their love for music as music majors.  The three decided to form a group called PRIME.  The name appears PRIM3 because 3 is a prime number that cannot be divided by any other number than 1.  The unified sound that this group has is impressive and catches anyone’s attention as soon as they begin singing.  In 2012 they became background singers for Deangelo Redman of P. Diddy’s Making of the Band.  They performed with Deangelo at Blues Alley located in Washington, DC and at BB Kings (January 2012) located in New York, NY.  The performance at BB Kings and recently at the Howard Theater (August 2013) were for the showcase R&B Spotlight produced by Cory Taylor.  At the Howard Theater PRIM3 performed as the background singers for all of the artists along with the house band.  The showcase focuses on bringing back the R&B sound from the 90s, Performers that popular during that time, and allow up and coming artists to showcase their talent as well.  PRIM3 grew up listening to 90s music and incorporate the 90s sounds in their performances.  PRIM3 recently debut their solo career at Bohemian Caverns (July 2013) at Wednesday night Wednesday Verses performing a 90s medley that made the crowd go crazy.


The main goal of PRIM3 is to let the world know their passion and dedication to music and to share with the world all the talent they have comes from deep in their souls.  In the meantime the three continues to study in college to develop their crafts.  In the future they see themselves not only as singers, but as dancers, actors, trend setters, make-up artists, and teachers.  This group will continue to work hard and let the world know that they will make a name for themselves.